A Day in Neukölln

A Day in Neukölln

Let’s talk about the biggest up-and-coming neighbourhood or should I say, Brooklyn of Berlin – Neukölln. This is the pace to be for a 20-something newcomer to the German capital! The neighbourhood used to be considered a ghetto of mostly Turkish immigrants which nowadays reflects in Neukölln’s vibrant culture, great food, and lot’s of interesting people!The area around Rathaus Neukölln is so incredible that you could spend an entire day just exploring the neighborhood. If that sounds like a great idea to you, I would suggest kicking off your day by going to Dots on Weserstrasse, a great (kinda hipster) coffee shop. After some tasty coffee over a board game or a good book continue your journey and visit Let Them Eat Cake, a new-age vintage clothes, and art store. For lunch, I recommend walking just a street down to Sonnenallee visiting Al Pasha, a Lebanese restaurant with some of the best hummus in Berlin. You’ll love how much delicious food you can get for just a few euros. After your indulging experience you’ll be ready for a nice walk to the park.




Visit the unique Templehof, a.k.a. “the mother of abandoned airports”. The airport got shut down a couple of decades ago as it was simply too close to the city and is now utilized as a park. Because of the huge open space and runways, you’ll see people flying their kites, skating, longboarding and more. Also, if you decide to enter the park from Herrfurthstrasse, keep your eyes out for the Gelateria Mos Eisley, one of the best ice cream shops in town and the Skallywag Gallery that offers art full of weirdly wonderful creatures.


Mos_Gelatery   Skallywag_Gallery


Catch the sunset by going to the top of the Neukölln Arcaden to Klunkerkranich then return to Wesserstrasse where you started your day and visit Comedy Café Berlin to enjoy some great stand-up comedy. Finally you can finish your day by going for a beer to one of the many cool bars on Wesserstrasse (ei. Tier, Ä, Weserkrug, Sux…).


Klunkerkranich rooftop sunset@Klunkerkranich


Another option would be to start your day at the station Herrmanplatz with a visit to the unique California-cacti themed café Roamers, have lunch or dinner at Hamy, a very tasty and affordable Vietnamese restaurant and continue your evening by going to the Dschungel. This jungle-themed bar has everything that you’d want from a Berlin bar – random theme, indoor smoking and some delicious Moscow Mules (cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime).




If this wonderful day and a couple of beers have gotten you all fired up and you’re ready for a night out, finish your wonderful day by going out to one of the most iconic gay clubs in Berlin – SchwuZ. This place has three different dance floors, the biggest being so big it almost seems like a warehouse. The atmosphere is super friendly, and accepting, just go all out and I promise you, you won’t regret it!


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