Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions

Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions

Last weekend, I visited the Museum of Illusions in Barcelona. The museum is located in the very center of Barcelona, on Carrer de Pintor Fortuny. I was expecting to see things that would play with my senses, some sort of visual creativity, and brain exercises. That didn’t happen. Still, it was a very fun place to take some pictures and of course I got really in to it. So much so that I even took my pants off to get that perfect shot. Mind blowing? No. Fun? Most definitely!


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museum of illusions barcelona bear

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museum of illusions barcelona bad ass

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museum of illusions barcelona doughnut  museum of illusions barcelona grand canyon

museum of illusions barcelona doll

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There’s plenty of creative, out-of-the box things to do in Barcelona, and I want to discover them all! I just read that Catalunya’s capital is also home to the biggest escape room centre in Europe. The Great Escape has 18 individual rooms to explore and I can’t wait to test my brain at some nice puzzles!

If you’re just moving to Barcelona and you don’t know where to start, you can check out What to expect when moving to Barcelona.

I’ve already discovered so many incredible spaces here but haven’t documented them properly. So I guess I’ll just have to go back to try all my favourite restaurants and bars again to be able to give you the real taste of Barcelona. Now? Off to Bilbao & San Sebastian and I couldn’t be more excited to see the spectacular Guggenheim! And I got my camera on stand by!

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