Girona and the Flower Festival

Girona and the Flower Festival

This weekend I decided to take a day trip and check out the much talked about flower festival a.k.a Temps de Flors in Girona. This year you can enjoy it from the 13th – 21st of May 2017. This adorable city has a long standing history that reflects even in today’s architecture. Fun fact, the city was founded in the 1st Century BC and has been sieged 25 times and captured seven times. Today is know as one of the biggest and most important Catalonian cities.


Girona view Girona view


Another reputation that Girona maintains is being a city of festivals, one of which is the famous Temps de Flors that brings in people from around Catalonia, Spain, and other random tourists like myself.


Me in Girona


Girona view


First of all, can we take a second to appreciate the beauty of Girona? Thank you. This city is BREATHTAKING and I’m gad that the tales of the festivals convinced me to visit!


Girona view


Now to say a few words about the flower festival of Girona. Due to this festivals, nearly 200 flower installations are put around the city’s monuments, courtyards, museums, and other significant locations. This also means that many of these places are open to the public for free, which is just fantastic for anyone that likes exploring.


Flower Festival Girona


Main Catedral Girona


Temps de Flors Girona


Temps de Flors Girona bottles


The down side of visiting the Temps de Flors in Girona is that the city is INCREDIBLY crowded. Like “it’s like being back in China” crowded. Because the city is full of little streets, and alleys it feels even more crowded and so there’s lots of “slaloming” through the crowds of people, and huge lines leading to some nice installations.


Crowded Girona


To tell you the truth, the flower installations didn’t make a lasting impression on me, I feel like that kind of appreciation comes with age (for instance my mom would absolutely love it). Also, for anyone that has an option of choosing, visiting during the week would definitely be a better idea.


Girona water


Girona water view


All in all, I’d really recommend visiting Girona, whether it’s for the Temps de Flors, a different festival, or simply just to visit. Located just an hour drive from Barcelona, it makes for a perfect day trip. I was taken back by the gorgeous views from the city walls, the traditional architecture, and there’s lot of opportunities to get lost exploring. There are also 3 rivers that pass Girona, giving it a special chill vibe.


Girona Architecture


Girona Water View

There’s plenty of things to do. I went by myself and I had a really lovely day. If you’re not used to travelling by yourself, this is what I did. Fist, I met some great people through the car-sharing, I explored and took lots of pictures, talked to the local show owners, listened to the live music at the Plaça de la Independència, enjoyed a nice strong cup of coffee, and a refreshing gelato. A fun day all around!


Also Me in Girona


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