My First Time in a Studio

My First Time in a Studio

Not too long ago I decided to get more serious about my photography and create a personal website (and if you’re reading this article it means that I’ve succeeded, high-five!). I wanted this website to feature some incredible photos I’ve taken over the years as well as some of my tips and tricks concerning traveling, dealing with life’s obstacles, and present a personal point of view that (hopefully) one can relate to.



When my friend and a terrific visual artist Sanja Gilchmori invited me to a photo shoot at her faculty I was very excited to attend and I made sure to take with me my gear – which is currently nothing more than my DSLR Nikon camera. On my way there it even started snowing, adding to what was already going to be a great day.



When I got there (5 minutes late as always) I met the team and waled around the hallways with Janez Konda (the male model and a dear friend) and admired the photographs displayed on the walls. Many of them had the human body featured is such strange positions that the subject looked almost unhuman like. They wowed me and I couldn’t wait to get into the studio myself.


After we borrowed clothes from young designers, we set up the studio, and as quickly as that it was time to start clicking. Sanja knew exactly what she was doing, giving the models clear directions throughout and I stayed near, clicking my camera while giving her space to create. Nevertheless, I got some amazing shots and I couldn’t wait to open them up on my computer and start editing.



It is often said that people who just learned the ropes of Photoshop tend to use too much saturation and HDR effect and so I kept that in the back of my head while editing. I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the results and think they’re not to shabby for a first-timer.


As we were finishing our day with a pint of beer, I caught myself thinking about what a great experience this was and just how much I love creating. And then I thought about this site and let myself daydream for a second about what it could one day become.


Hope you enjoyed these, feedback welcomed!

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