Things to Do in Mallorca

Things to Do in Mallorca

Mallorca is a beautiful island, ideal for all who like exploring, appreciate nature, and / or really like Germans. From the best villages and beaches to the hidden treasures around the island, make sure to give this a read if Mallorca is on your travel horizon.


Valldemossa olive tree view


Mallorca is the largest Balearic Island, beating Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera in the game. It’s also known to be largely populated by the Brits and the Germans. So much so that it’s jokingly known as the 17th Federal State of Germany, with 3 and 4 millions of Germans visiting the island yearly. And you really feel it too, just by exploring the island you can quickly realise that there are numerous German shops, German restaurants and probably more signs in German than Spanish.


Valldemossa road


There’s also huge number of people who come to Mallorca to bike. The West and the North of the island are very hilly and offer incredible views and so they’re very popular amongst bikers.


Valldemossa roads

Valldemossa peak


Speaking of the West of the island, there are some incredible villages that you should explore (preferably by car). From Palma (which we simply just skipped to search for something more authentic) you can take the beach side road and visit old Spanish villages such as Estellencs, Valldemossa, Deia, Pollensa, Soller. All of these places are very beautiful but also extremely touristy, so much so that they completely take over the overarching vibe of the cities. It’s very clear that tourism is nowadays their primary purpose, although hidden treasures can still be found.


mallorca Valldemossa

mallorca Valldemossa

Mallorca flowers

Mallorca peppers

Mallorca peppers


In Soller you can even take a open-trailer tram ride around the city.


Soller tram

Soller mallorca church


Just a bit north from these villages you can find some stunning beaches with breath-taking turquoise and deep blue water, while being surrounded by huge cliffs. Visit places like Cala Tuent and Sa Calobra (beach and skip the Port).


Mallorca beach


North of the city has two peninsulas with some incredible spots. Check out the view from Cap Formentor at the end of the first peninsula (sunrise and sunsets there must be amazing, but also crowded). Then drive back the coast and have a dip at Cala Figuera and Cala Boquer.


Cap Formentor lighthouseCap Formentor


East of the island is also full of incredible beaches, with even a protected area called Parc Natural de Mondrago. Besides from that you can visit Cap des Moró and the caves by Porto Cristo and have a quick dip in Cala Murta. Explore the city of Santañy with a stop at a gorgeous viewing point at beach Cala Llombards where you can enjoy some cliff diving!


Cala Llombards view

Cala Llombards beach

Cala Llombards jumping in the sea


One of the highlights of Mallorca was this amazing abandoned building we found completely by accident. Located somewhere on the way between Alcúdia (the second peninsula) and Can Picafort (the most commercialised city in the North), this concert hall has been abandoned since the 90s. Es Foguero Palace is full of incredible graffiti and even has a hidden geocache (if you don’t know what I mean and you like exploring, you need to check out


Es Foguero Palace

Es Foguero Palace upstairs

Es Foguero Palace pipes


Another really cool and pretty random thing about Mallorca is that there are mountain goats everywhere around the island. They’re so used to people and cars that they’re not shocked or frightened by anything. So expect to see them not only on mountains but also on streets and the beach!


mallorca beach


Overall Mallorca is a cool island to visit, especially somewhat outside the tourist season. Renting a car is super cheap – try, we got a car for just 10 euros + insurance that was 58 euros for 3 days. There are plenty of stunning views and beaches, but know that it’s not exactly where you’d find a lot of authentic food, music and places. Nevertheless, the island of Mallorca is a great trip and I’m sure it will inspire you to check out more of the Balearic Islands. I’m already looking at Menorca!


mallorca view


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