Travel to Slovenia Cheap Using GoOpti

Travel to Slovenia Cheap Using GoOpti

Slovenia is definitely located on one of the roads less travelled but it’s definitely not because it wouldn’t be worth visiting. The country has stunning landscapes, huge amounts of diversity, friendly people, and great food. If you’d like to read more about why Slovenia should be on your bucket list, here’s your chance. Instead, in this article, I want to explain what is the best way to get to and from Slovenia, which in my experience is using GoOpti.

Slovenia consists of just 2 million inhabitants while being largely undiscovered by the world travelling community. And so there are not many cheap flights to and from Ljubljana. Currently, the only semi-inexpensive tickets to Ljubljana can be bought through Wizzair flying only two routes – to London Luton and Brussels Charleroi. The rest of the tickets, especially from Adria Airways (which used to be the one Slovenian airline company which now belong to Germans), the main company flying in and out of Ljubljana, are almost impossible to find under 200 euro return. And so most of Slovenians, being practical with their money, choose to fly to other nearby cities which have low-cost airline companies. Most commonly to Venice, but also to other cities such as Trieste, Zagreb, Budapest Vienna, Salzburg, and even Munich. All of these cities are within a 1,5 – 5-hour drive radius from Ljubljana. As Slovenians love to own cars this works out quite great. However, not everyone is so lucky to get a ride to an airport that’s hours away or wants to leave their car staying in a nearby airport garage for a week. Hence, GoOpti was born.


GoOpti is a Slovenian company, which addressed the problem of driving for hours to get to your airport of departure. Instead of having to ask your partner, friend or a family member, they basically have shuttles that will take you to and from the airport at a reasonable price.




How does it work?

On GoOpti website you choose your place, date, and time of departure and it will come with the different price and time options for you. The cheapest option is the one that promises you a ride within 3 hours of arriving to the airport (you’ll find out about the exact time of departure a day in advance). But if you’re willing to pay 5 -10 euro more, you’ll be able to set your departure time more precisely. As they work on the same principles as low-cost airline companies, the prices do differ based on the date, hour, number of passengers (the price per person will be lower if there’s more of you), availability of shuttles etc. The best prices can be found when booking your ride 2 – 3 months in advance. However, if you’re more like me, ie. a last minute traveller, you might want to look at the prices every day as they can fluctuate quite a bit.

How much does it cost?

I’ve taken GoOpti plenty of times in my life and most commonly I’d fly to and from Venice. The ride is about 3 hours long and it usually costs me between 20 and 30 euros one way. If you go to Munich the prices start around 30 euro one way so in general, I could say that the prices start somewhat around 8 euros per hour of driving. If you’d like more comfort they also offer private rides which would for a Venice-Ljubljana relation cost 160 euro one way. And they also have special deals for companies.


GoOpti trip


Discounts, coupons etc.

It’s good to know that the company also offers 5 euro discounts to their first-time users and which you can take advantage of using this link. Whether you’re travelling around Slovenia, North Italy, Austria, and Croatia, this is definitely a great option. And it’s not just to and from airports, you can also use it on your Euro-trip to get from one city to another as they can drop you off right in the city centre. So make sure to check out their website for your next Central-European trip!



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